Artificial Intelligence as the Replacement God?

Interest in and development of artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly increasing, as are considerations of cautions and speculations of its dangers portrayed in science fiction. C.S. Lewis gave a warning in That Hideous Strength back in 1946 that seems almost prophetic in some ways.

There are several related and even overlapping ideas working at once. People have used machines since creation (keep in mind that levers, pulleys, and other things are considered machines). Obviously, many sophisticated machines have been made over the years.

AI and transhumanism are rapidly developing. Some people want to use AI to have it generate a new Bible and replace the true God with their idol.
AI Cyborg adored by mindless masses*
People use whatever means are available to better their lives, and also invent things to help in that pursuit. From here, humans add mechanical things to themselves such as replacement limbs. Then it gets darker. Some people want to go trans — transhuman, that is. The transhumanist movement seeks to replace humanity with machines so the consciousness can live forever. People need to think biblically about that.

Artificial intelligence may bring to mind the Terminator movie franchise where Skynet became self-aware and sought to eliminate humanity. Themes like that are common in science fiction. Some people want to combine mechanical transhumanism and AI. Essentially, they want to build gods that are superior to humans and bow down to them. There are some powerful organizations involved in AI god-making.

Is it so unthinkable that people want to build a god? Study on that a spell: People do that all the time! It is the idols on the shelves, idols of money, power, sex, prestige, sports, business, politics, religion — idols that people make for themselves. Essentially, they bow down to them because they are not interested in the real God who is described in the Bible.

It bears repeating that AI is only as good as its programming, and it is not able to think yet despite some similarities to actual thought. People do programming according to their worldviews, which invariably includes particles-to-programmer evolution. Even so, the AI craze includes churches (because there are professing Christian compromisers for any movement, including communism) as well as professing atheists.

Professor Yuval Harari thinks AI can get the Bible right (replace it with a better one). Of course, he is an atheist, so no wonder that he rejects God's Word and elevates human wisdom into the magisterial position — human wisdom as magnified by AI. He is involved with the World Economic Forum and promotes Marxism.

What is happening here is that several things discussed here previously are coming together, and it is disturbing. Atheism, evolution, transhumanism, AI — and the secular science industry is involved with leftist, anti-Christian causes. Some true believers think that AI will replace humanity, but that is not going to happen.
Do humans need a new Bible written by artificial intelligence (AI)? Biblically, the resounding answer is no. But Professor Yuval Harari, contributing author and conference speaker for the World Economic Forum (WEF), recently claimed otherwise. In a videoed interview, Harari remarked that AI could not only write a new “Bible,” but also a correct one—implying that God’s Word is incorrect.

For context, Harari had been explaining how AI is different from all other previous technological breakthroughs because it’s the first technology that can make decisions—including decisions about humans—and generate ideas. To illustrate, Harari noted that the world-changing breakthrough of the Gutenberg printing press could generate copies of the Bible. But the printing press could not create new content to include in the Bible, nor could it interpret or evaluate the Bible.

Note that a new Bible will be "correct" because that one would agree with his materialistic values... I'd be much obliged if you'd read the rest by clicking on "Will AI Become Our New Gods?" Also of interest from an Intelligent Design site: "At the Altar of that Hideous Strength."

What follows may get me kicked out of some Christian circles.

Regular readers have probably noticed that this site is unlike other biblical creation science sites, especially with the embedded videos and some other content. Brace yourselves: What follows is a video by Black Sabbath (Ronnie James Dio was the vocalist). "Computer God" was the opening track on the 1992 Dehumanizer album.

When I listened to it while writing this post, I actually got chills. Over thirty years ago, and it illustrates what is happening now! Yes, it's a secular rock song, but still worth considering. If you don't want to listen, you can read the lyrics here. I do not endorse the rest of the album, except the song "It's Too Late", a warning about playing with the occult.

* Image furnished by Why?Outreach, middle image removed at, added image from Gerd Altmann (Geralt) at Pixabay