Not Loving Lucy the Australopithecus Afarensis

Over the years, I have featured several articles on the alleged transitional form, the ape with kaleidoscope eyes, commonly known as Lucy. Earnest evolutionists try to slap down biblical creationists and other Darwin doubters claiming the ape from afar (Afar is far from here, anyway) with talking points.

A big problem with popularized science is that folks get notions lodged in their craniums, but retractions and refutations are often ignored. Indeed, knowledgeable creationists often correct believers in universal common descent with the facts. A great deal of information about Lucy in the public mind is wrong.

Although passionately proclaimed as our evolutionary ancestor, A great deal of information about Lucy in the public mind is wrong. Here is a resource.
Modified photo by Wikimedia Commons / Shalomkaleidoscopes from Freeimages / Frizzy Lee
Those who insist in atoms-to-ape evolution frequently present A. afarensis as a link as if scientists were in complete agreement, which is false. Lucy is contested as a link between apes and humans, and the walking upright thing is also a source of disagreement. Its status is sketchy at best. For that matter, those museum displays (complete with impossible white sclera in the eyes) bother some evolutionists. Don't get the notion that all evolutionists are deceivers, as some do have integrity.

Try as they might with deception and bad science, Lucy is not evidence for evolution — and they need a lot of it but have none. God is the Creator, old son. Evolution did not happen.

A drawback to presenting origins science is the need to make updated information available. It's also enjoyable in many ways. Back in 2016, I presented a post as a resource on the Lucy/Lucifer critter. I came across this well-documented article that brings together many details that we need to know. It is from 2020, but is still very useful. To read it, visit "'Lucy' the Australopithecus afarensis."