Secular Scientists Closer to Genesis Flood in Trilobite Extinction

My wife baked a trilobite pie the other day... Okay, it was really a pecan pie, but I immediately thought of trilobite fossils. Too bad those critters are extinct, and I would like it if some were found alive as living fossils. Those things fluster believers in molecules-to-musician evolution.

Actually, trilobites also fluster evolutionists. Advances in technology show that they had amazing eyes and visual acuity. Trilobites are associated with the Cambrian Explosion, which is also a sore spot for secular scientists.

Pecan pie reminds me of trilobites.
"Trilobite pie," Flickr / Cowboy Bob Sorensen (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)
Secular paleontologists typically believe in slow 'n' gradual processes over millions of years that shaped today's landforms. Fossilization supposedly happened slowly as well, but that idea has been demonstrated to be ludicrous many times over. Because the evidence doesn't fit their narrative, some secular scientists are appealing to catastrophic events.

Trilobites cause problems for secular scientists. One of these is explaining their extinction, so they are getting closer to Genesis Flood scenarios.
Trilobite Fossils, Unsplash / Wes Warren

In a way, secularists have not been fully committed to deep-time explanations for quite a spell, appealing to what they call extinction events. (It is interesting that the horseshoe crabs are important for medical research and also living fossils that have gone through several extinction events unscathed. Why is that?) Since secularists cannot provide adequate explanations for why trilobites are gone, they are using catastrophic events — and these resemble the Genesis Flood, which does comport with observed evidence.

One of the more amazing animals of God’s creation was the trilobite. This strange-looking creature was an ocean bottom-dwelling animal that remains one of the best-known Cambrian fossils. Many types of trilobites are found in early Flood sediments, with some found in layers as high as the Permian System.

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Clearly, trilobites have always been trilobites since their creation thousands of years ago.

Evolutionists have been asking, what killed these well-designed animals? The question is even stated in this article: “But about 252 million years ago, trilobites disappeared from the fossil record. What finally wiped out this class of resilient bottom dwellers?”

The evolution-based article went on to describe a “most devastating mass extinction event.”

The full article is fount at "Trilobite Demise."