Blue Sky, Red Sky

Hammond Suisse and I were out riding out of town on Folly Road, then noticed Stinking Lake (which is not as bad as it sounds). It was getting late in the day, and we saw the red sun reflecting in the water. He mentioned that he read "Nice Planet, Good Neighborhood, Great Atmosphere."

We got to jawing about the article that was linked in that post. While we both understand a little bit about light scattering to make the sky blue, we are unskilled in knowing why the atmosphere is blue, but then has those other colors early and late in the day.

The Sunrize in Feodosiya, Ivan Aivazovsky, 1855

Our Creator designed our atmosphere to sustain life, and he apparently made the laws of physics so that the atmosphere itself is enjoyable. The material mentioned above provided a brief discussion about the colors of the sky, but not everyone gets why there is a variation in the colors in the evening and morning, but is pretty much the same during daylight hours. Someone wrote in to Creation Ministries International requesting further details. (Unfortunately, it was probably written before the Canadian wildfires turned the sky orange in some areas. That would have been a good reason for additional information.) You can read all about it at "Why is the sky blue at midday, and red at dawn and dusk?"