Put a Soul in that Robot!

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

Yesterday we looked at how artificial intelligence and transhumanism can work together in an effort to replace the true God with a god of our own making. There is talk of giving souls to robots, but that idea has several built-in problems.

Materialists contradict their worldviews when they try to find consciousness (or a conscious spot) in the brain. They have not found it. For that matter, consciousness is difficult to define. Many equate it with the soul. Computers and robots do not have those things that are considered soul-ish.

Though materialists deny the immaterial, some want to put souls into AI and robots. Such an idea has serious problems, and you will never see a robot laugh. First, the soul comes from God.
Laughing robot made at Bing AI Image Creator
Those stories and fears about AI becoming self-aware and taking over the world are about pragmatism: It is reasonable to eliminate inferior humans (a biased, pessimistic outlook by the writers). But getting a soul or consciousness? Mayhaps it would be through spontaneous generation.

In 1972, Robert Sheckley wrote a short story called "Can You Feel Anything When I Do This?" about a robot that fell in love with a woman and mailed itself to her. I have no idea if it was simply to be funny or if he had a deeper purpose. He did show how silly it would be for a machine to grow a soul, however

Robots and computers do not grieve, have compassion, laugh.

Secularists, with their purpose-driven evolutionary mindset, consider those things that make us human the "junk" part of the soul. (Wait, I thought you tinhorns didn't believe that something immaterial even existed.) Anyway, why would they want to put a soul into a robot or into AI? More than that, how? Something intangible that they can't define, can't locate, don't understand, shouldn't believe exists...and put it into artificial intelligence. Wrong. The soul — consciousness — comes from the Creator, old son.

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