Evolution Makes Tongue Article Distasteful

People may take the tongue for granted, but it is more than just a lump of meat that we distend to express disdain or taste food. It is essential for speech (apes have tongues but still cannot articulate sentences) and other purposes.

Many critters including mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and whatnot, have tongues. Lizards and some birds use specially-designed tongues to snag insects. Tongues come in many shapes and styles showing that the Creator put variety into his creation. Once again, believers in descent with modifications cannot explain them.

Many critters have tongues and use them for a variety of purposes. Only humans make sentences with them. This shows design, evolutionists have stories.
Cat showing tongue, RGBStock / Gesine Kuhlmann
As usual, Darwinists beg the question by using evolution to prove evolution. They presuppose that life began in the sea, then some life continued on land. One problem is that fish, our assumed ancestors and distant cousins, do not have actual tongues. A prototongue evolved, but there is no evidence of this. Just stories.
Tales of the tongue (Science Magazine, 25 May 2023). “Tales” is right. Our tongue lashing is not for author Elizabeth Pennisi, who is generally a fair reporter when it comes to Darwinism, and usually avoids the just-so storytelling method. The rebuke is for Darwin who made it acceptable to say that anything and everything “evolved” simply because it exists.
Since first evolving 350 million years ago, the tongue has taken myriad forms, unlocking new niches and boosting the diversity of life.
It just evolved. With its intricate muscles, nerves and sensors, the tongue should be seen as a marvel of engineering. But ever since the Darwin Party redefined science to exclude design and insist on naturalistic answers, biologists have gotten lazy. They no longer have to defend their Stuff Happens Law. It gets automatic peer review and acceptance, no matter how just-so the story.

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