Crabs and the Miracle of Convergent Evolution

Do not be deceived, secularists are like Christians and creationists, believing in miracles. They do not admit it like we do. While Darwin's acolytes claim to believe in science and reject any semblance of faith, they presuppose evolution despite the evidence, not because of it.

Crustaceans have been around a mighty long time. They have no evolutionary history, but just popped into existence (an unacknowledged miracle). Crabs have adapted to a many ecological niches, so materialists evosplain their varieties through the miracle of convergent evolution.

Secularists use blind faith and their unscientific miracle of convergent evolution because crabs fill ecological niches. It makes sense to see this was by design.
Crab, Unsplash / Kai Dahma, modified at Pixlr
Secularists are so busy saying, "Hail Darwin! Blessed be!" that they don't notice the flaws in their reasoning. Many know the Tree of Life stuff is bad enough, but appealing to convergent evolution actually makes things worse. If they realized that praising evolution's "flexibility" sounds like it is rooted in faith and not science, mayhaps they could consider the best explanation: The Master Engineer designed living things to adapt to their environments.
A recent scientific study came out addressing the genetic flexibility of a group of invertebrates called the crustaceans (crabs, barnacles, shrimp, and lobsters).

In the rock record, the lowest appearance of crustaceans “are known from Cambrian rocks” and are 100 percent crustacean. Their evolutionary relationships are highly questionable with five zoologists stating, “Crustacean phylogenies using molecular characters differ considerably from those based on morphological characters.”

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