Beekeeping is Sweet Stewardship

One of the strongest evidences for the existence of God is specified complexity, whether on the cellular level or living things. Some sidewinders who claim to believe in science latch onto the unscientific opinion that things only appear designed.

Frankly (mind if I call you Frank?), that is just plain stupid. Evidence for God is all around (Rom. 1:18-24). A spell back, we looked at how honeybees are clearly engineered. Now we will consider how beehives also show engineering, and that beekeeping is an example of stewardship.

An example of using the stewardship that God gave us is beekeeping. Bees get a safe haven, and we benefit from their pollination activities.
Honeybee brood frame at Wright-Patterson AFB (public domain, but endorsement is not implied)
A bit of terminology. We hear the word brood frequently used regarding birds and their nests, but it also applies to bees. A brood refers to the eggs and various stages of the development of the young'uns.

Briefly, God gave us dominion over the earth,  we are given stewardship to take care of things (Gen. 1:26, 28). You savvy? While beekeeping may be done as a hobby or for business purposes (those crops need to be pollinated), the little buzzers are given as safe a haven as the keeper can provide. Since they make more honey than they need, people and critters also benefit. Bees are essential for our survival!

You can read about how the author got up close and personal (do people still use that phrase?) with some beekeeping and what is involved. Also, learn some extremely interesting things about bees. To do so, see "Pollinators: Meant to Bee."