Evolution Not Found in Body Size Changes

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

Another trolling raid at The Question Evolution Project was just like previous disruptions, with people using prejudicial conjecture, ad hominems, boilerplate talking points from evolution, and other things to shout down and humiliate creationists. This shows that the hands at the Darwin Ranch are making their message heard and believed.

Evolutionists have themselves some rules and laws. Some of those, especially on social(ist) media, are made up. Others appear scientific, but those rules apparently were made to be broken — or used in bad logic to "demonstrate" evolution.

Two so-called rules are used in parrot research to prove evolution. The paper failed to do so, and it used circular reasoning and bad assumptions.
Parakeet image before modification at imgflip: Pexels / Egor Kamelev
Keep in mind that Darwin's disciples call things "evolution" that have nothing to do with it. When changes in body size, variation, modifications, and other things are invoked, people are deceived into thinking that Darwin was right. It is ironic that speciation, natural selection, and speciation are accepted by most biblical creationists.

Like I said before, false evidence for evolution is believed by gullible people and by those who seek to have their biases confirmed. Also, researchers often claim to have demonstrated something in a paper, but when it is scrutinized by savvy examiners, the paper is seen to be full of argle-bargle.

Bergmann's Rule says that critters grow larger when they live in cold areas. Allen's Rule tells us that they grow shorter limbs in those areas. Both of these so-called rules have many exceptions. But with circular reasoning (assuming evolution to prove it) and a huge steaming pile of jiggery-pokery, we see that more evidence for evolution fails. Again. It is indeed unfortunate that secularists cannot cowboy up and admit that what is observed is evidence for creation, not particles-to-parrot evolution.

To read the article that got me on the prod in the first place (and see how parrots do not help their case), you would do well to read "Body Size Change Is Not Evolution."