Noah as a Straw Man

Recently, there was an infestation of fundamentalist evolutionists at The Question Evolution Project on Facebook who were outraged — outraged, I tell you — about "Evolutionists Deny Evidence to make Darwin Smile." Deal with the post? Nope. Their reactions indicated that it was threatening to their worldview.

They used ad hominems, red herrings, tu quoque, equivocation on both evolution with science and modification with evolution. There are also arbitrary assertions and ignorance of evolutionary mythology. Darwin's internet disciples, just like the brass in the secular science industry, have an a priori commitment to materialism.

Atheists and other anti-creationists are not known for their skill in logic. A recent report on Noah and the Ark was nothing but a straw man argument.
Straw man Noah and the Ark*
Of course, they utilized one of the most common attacks of their kind, the straw man fallacy. Misotheists and other anti-creationists demonstrate that they are unwilling to learn what we actually believe and teach. Secularists criticize creation science from their sources, their perspectives and opinions, without knowledge of what they are railing against. Those who engage in real debates are to deal with the opposition's strong points instead of trivial matters, but small stuff and straw men are so much easier to shred. It happens in the secular press as well as evolution and atheism propaganda sites.

In reporting, one is supposed to do a literature search. Journalism requires understanding a subject, not just quoting spokespersons of a certain perspective. And when a controversial subject is reported, the best arguments on both sides should be presented as objectively as possible.

. . . At CEH, we often take issue with evolutionists, but we go to their “Goliath” representatives in major journals and universities, allowing them ample time to explain their views by quoting their own words and providing links to their sources (example).

None of that was done in a shallow article by Patrick Pester on Live Science, “Did Noah’s flood really happen?” He did no research about evidences and arguments made by real, living flood geologists with PhDs. Instead, he ran straight to his preferred evolutionary, deep-time experts and quickly knocked down the straw man he set up.

The rest of this interesting article is at "Dissing a Straw Noah."

* Noah's Ark image by Lucas Dial at Unsplash, straw man image from Hansuan_Fabregas at Pixabay. The straw man background was removed using removebg.