For Love of Bacteria and Viruses

It is common to find people who fear microscopic organisms, but that feeling is probably because the bad guys get the headlines. Bacteria and viruses are everywhere (except possibly in a cleanroom). Some people may be shocked to learn that God created bacteria and viruses.

Even more startling to the uninformed is that there are millions of the things living in and on everyone. Our eyes even have their own biome. Most are not only good, but essential for our health. And not just ours, but for living things on Earth!

Bacteriophage, Wikimedia Commons / Dr. Victor Padilla-Sanchez, PhD (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Interestingly, bacteriophages are viruses that use and destroy bacteria as a means to keep their populations under control. It is possible that phage therapy may be developed for use when antibiotics are ineffective.

Medical science was fooled by evolutionary pronouncements based on ignorance and preconceptions that the appendix is an evolutionary leftover and could be removed. Now we know that it is an important storehouse for important microorganisms and its removal is detrimental. This and other "vestiges" were removed — and surgeons got paid for it. One cannot help but wonder if the repulsive ethic of puberty blockers and "sex reassignment surgeries" on children is a continuation of the same corrupt ethics that prompted doctors to remove healthy organs.

Germaphobes who tend to go to extreme precautions are actually doing themselves a disservice. Reasonable washing and disinfecting, sure. Remember, we need many. Sometimes people are instructed to shower with antibacterial soap the morning of a surgery, but doing that every day may not be in their best interests.

God created all things, and they were very good. Anti-creationists say harmful bacteria and viruses are evidence against God's existence and support evolution, but they are irrationally arguing against our worldview by comparing it to their own. Things were very good, but after the Fall of man, things changed. God equipped checks and balances, but viruses and such "jumped;" e.g., such as a virus being at home and doing good things in a monkey could conceivably be harmful to humans. Of course, Darwinists cannot explain the placement, quantities, and irreducible complexities of these systems.

To learn some very interesting things about the small stuff, see "Microbiome (and virome) — God’s good created bacteria (and viruses) inside us."