Evolutionary Religion and Mysticism

When dealing with Darwin's disciples on teh interwebz, most are professing atheists who say they are driven by reason, not faith. When informed that atheism is a religion and that evolution has also become a religion, they become incensed. Some say that religious people want to atheists like them. Huh?

I had a couple of trolling raids on social(ist) media that were saturated with fallacies and disingenuous questions. "Creation 'science' 🤣" ... "The human eye proves evolution" ... "Lucy is a human ancestor," and more. They ignored or rejected evidence that people presented.

Although they deny it, atheists and evolutionists are quite religious. There is a great deal of mysticism and conjuring up the spirit of Darwin in evolutionary news, and circular reasoning.
Summoning the Spirit of Darwin, made at PhotoFunia
When on their secular jihads, these owlhoots are confirming that they do indeed have faith. Evolution cannot even be questioned. Sure, the minutiae, but not the "fact" of universal common ancestry — even though there are secular scientists who doubt evolution.

"Where do fanatical evolutionists get their ideas, Cowboy Bob?"

Fundamentalist evolutionists in the secular science industry are frequently shown to use bad reasoning, assertions without evidence, speculations pawned off as empirical science, cite retracted peer-reviewed papers, plus appeals to mystical forces of evolution. F'rinstance, what are "selective pressures?" Also, evolution is treated like a being that has the power to choose, such as when Natural Selection is often given personhood. Evolutionary mysticism is married up with chance. Chance is a big thing in origin of life studies and all sorts of evolution; take a chance on the spirit of Darwin. Then they tell us they're doing science. That'll be the day!

All of this is based on their worldview, which comes from rebellion against the Creator. It is a fact that evolution is based on pagan religious views. They presuppose materialism (matter is all that exists). Christians must presuppose the validity and authority of the Bible from the very first verse. The biblical worldview makes sense of what is observed, so deceptions and other machinations of evolutionists can be clearly seen.

Evolutionary biologists and their promoters in the media pride themselves on the ‘scientific method, rationality and evidence.’ Their intolerance of anything sounding ‘religious’ (true or not) can be career-threatening to Darwin skeptics. But the undertone of Darwinian explanations for biological phenomena, when you look carefully, is mystical: it presumes a spiritual presence driving organisms upward to higher planes, granting them powers to innovate complex organs to improve. It’s almost a return to pagan animism: the spirit of the trees, the spirit of the lion, and the spirit the tiger. The omnipresent spirit of Darwin pervades all things, enabling them to evolve and win the competition. And what is the prize? Another mystical concept: fitness.

This is the religion of academia. Watch it play out in the news.

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