Bottlenecks and Human Population

People who have to drive on massive highways often hear of bottlenecks where traffic is not moving well. Obviously, the principle can be seen by taking a typical bottle, removing the stopper, and inverting it. Not a whoosh, but a glug glug glug for a spell before it finally empties.

The narrowness of the bottle slowed the flow. To geneticists, a bottleneck is more complicated.

Anti-creationists point out the two population bottlenecks in the Bible: Eight people on Noah's Ark who survived the Genesis Flood, then the original couple, Adam and Eve. Then they laugh.

People hear about bottlenecks in traffic because traffic is slow. However, population bottlenecks exist in both creation and evolution models.
Problem is, believers in the General Theory of Evolution also have population bottlenecks in their models. Their models have creatures that were not human yet, but even so, they believe humanity's existence was threatened. Secularists do not accurately portray the beliefs in biblical creation science, as the first couple was genetically rich, and genetic devolution was not noticeable for quite some time yet.
A headline in Science on Aug 31, 2023 shouted, “Did our ancestors nearly die out?

The Bible claims such a population bottleneck at the Flood of Noah, when only eight people survived to repopulate the earth. Secularists deny the Flood, and their new claim of a population bottleneck, based on genetic evidence, is far different. They believe it happened long ago among pre-human hominids. The new estimate by Hu et al. is significant, though, in changing opinion about the history of early humans.

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