Genocide in Cambodia Motivated by Darwinism

Social Darwinism is the logical extension of evolutionary thinking, making his biological ideas into a worldview. It has been documented on creationist sites that many totalitarian dictators put survival of the fittest and other principles into practice.

Eugenics (eliminating those thought unfit for breeding) was taken to its logical conclusion by these dictators. One of the atheists who is responsible for murdering millions was known as Pol Pot, and it was indicated that his policies were more vicious than even those of Hitler. The Darwin connection is largely ignored by popular history sites.

One of the totalitarian atheists responsible for murdering millions of people was Pol Pot. He was devoted to social Darwinism and a tremendous racist.
Pol Pot during meeting with Nicolae Ceaușescu, WikiComm / Romanian Communism Online Photo Collection (modified)
Pol Pot was an atheist, communist, and evolutionist. He was especially devoted to the communist writings of Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Joseph Stalin, and Mao was also a tremendous influence to Pot. In addition, he was a tremendous racist.

The Khmer people of Cambodia were numerous, but the communist Khmer Rouge under his leadership would exterminate undesirables — they were the superior race, and their neighbors were undesirable. Even the Vietnamese were attacked.

Details of some parts of the tyranny and brutality are unknown, as he was a liar. Also, he tried to excuse some of the murders by saying he did not order some of them. But he let them continue. In fact, his Darwinian racism was more important than his communism. However, his eugenic murders did not improve the "race." Really, there is only one race, and it was created by God.

The Cambodian genocide that resulted in the loss of an estimated two million lives was reviewed. Of the many causative factors involved in causing the genocide, this paper focused on the important influence of social Darwinism. Pol Pot’s background, and the persons that were important in developing his political philosophy, including Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong, were also briefly reviewed, focusing on his acceptance of both social Darwinism and communism.

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