Clear Thinking and the Christian

There have been times when I have posted something I strongly believe, that biblical creationists teach people how to think and not what to think, and it is met with ridicule. Ironically, us st00pid djumb creatards catch atheists, our supposed intellectual superiors, in numerous logical fallacies.

It is indeed unfortunate that some people play dumb, or even convince themselves that they are not bright in some areas, that they surrender the thinking to others. When that happens, they become sheeple and become victims of false teachers and others with bad intent.

Man thinking by a lake at sunset, Pixabay / StockSnap
When thinking is discussed, it seems that some folks assume it means activities of the intellectual elite, discussing philosophy and such. Not so! With just a little effort, people can learn to spot common logical fallacies so they're not hoodwinked. From there, they can learn how to think in other areas — such as how creationists and evolutionists have the same facts, and believe some of the same things, but anti-creationists lie about that last one. Christians need to be wary.
At CMI, our academic staff spends most of their time writing and speaking on scientific and theological issues. And that one does not have to ‘turn off one’s brain’ when going to church, because there is a rich, intellectual foundation to biblical creation. We have also disavowed unproductive conspiracy theories and have encouraged others to do so as well.

Yet, many people have grown skeptical about basic facts of science. This corresponds to a dramatic loss of confidence in most sources of authority, be it an authority in the secular, scientific, religious, political, or media realm. Thus, we have suddenly been besieged by people who have huge questions about things that are easily shown to be true or not.

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