Science Invalidating Itself

Not only has the secular science industry been promoting leftist causes and twisted morality, but it seems to be lacking the ability to do basic science. A few mavericks in their ranks will pull back on the reins and slow things down so scientific claims can be reexamined, which is a plus.

When something is caught such as, say, Piltdown Man, toffee-nosed secularists may excuse it with "science is self-correcting." (That particular fraud fooled the secular science industry for over forty years!) Yes, things get corrected, but too many should have been caught much sooner.

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Now I'm going to say a few things in defense of those in scientific practices, because scientists may not have believed certain things that have been kicked to the curb recently. Some claims are considered scientific, but the public as a whole does not utilize healthy skepticism or critical thinking; they need to ask for the science that supports such claims. It quite possible people were fooled by marketing, thinking they were supported scientifically. Still, scientists should have done some checking and either supported or refuted such claims.

People should keep in mind that scientists human, therefore capable of deceitfulness, mistakes, altruism, compassion, and all sorts of things. They have been deceived or have promoted things that turned out to be very wrong. On a larger scale, secular scientists tell us stories about the distant past and tell us how everything evolved from a common ancestor. Many are motivated to do whatever it takes to deny the Creator — and the rest of us have to deal with their fake science.

I'd be much obliged if you'd read the article that inspired this post by clicking on "Science Overturns Itself." You'll thank me later. Just for fun, here are health things that were believed but found to be untrue. Science may or may not have had a part in them. Also, the video below is rather interesting.