Flight Evolved — Because Evolution

We looked at how people suppress the truth about evidence for the Creator, now we will see an example of how ridiculous these efforts can be. Indeed, using evolution as a vague means of explanation is just an excuse for lazy thinking.

Claiming to have examples of and proof for evolution is a good way to get the grant money flowing in. Consider flight, for example. As we have seen, Darwin's acolytes tend to ignore important material in their rush to claim victory for evolution.

Mosquito, CDC / James Gathany (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
Flight involves specified complexity. No problem, an alleged researcher can just shout down the questions by citing evolution repeatedly. Also, promise to explain how something evolved, but don't deliver. True believers will not notice.
New PhD grad Jeff Gau puts on his Darwin-tinted glasses and announces, “We’re looking back 400 million years into how ancient insect muscles must have behaved from an evolutionary standpoint.”

If you look from an evolutionary standpoint, will you see intelligent design? Will you question your standpoint? No; Gau is in the DIDO thinking mode: Darwin in, Darwin out. Evolution evolved powered flight over evolutionary time. When insects needed to modify their aircraft, they evolved it. Their airplanes built themselves. Thanks to evolution, the insects had the foresight to understand the aerodynamic requirements.

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