Spider Fossil Good News for Creationists

It seems that most fossils being found nowadays are good news for creationists, what with excellent preservation, computerized tomography (as used here), and all that good stuff. New South Wales is a state on the east coast of 'Straya, the centre of which is home to McGraths Flat.

It is a research area, and they are finding some interesting fossils (expect more in the future). A brushfooted trapdoor spider fossil was on the large side. Although mostly the same as its modern counterpart, Darwin's disciples naturally cheered evolution.

Despite no real differences between a trapdoor spider fossil and the living counterpart, evolution was claimed. Actually, it is good news for creationists.
Brushfooted trapdoor spider in Brisbane, Australia, Flickr / Robert Whyte (CC BY-NC-ND)
Other spider fossils have been discovered there, and even tiny ones can be examined in minute detail. I find this amazing because we're talking about stone that gets examined, not soft tissues. Once again, we see that creatures had to be buried in the right conditions (rapidity is a big part of it) so scientists can examine those details. They could not have been buried slowly. Nothing makes sense except in light of the Genesis Flood.

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