Science Leaves Unbelievers Without Excuse

Somewhere around 56 AD, Paul wrote the Epistle to the Romans. Presuppositional apologists such as this child frequently refer to Romans 1:18-23 which explains that evidence for God is obvious to everyone. They are without excuse, choosing to unrighteously suppress the truth.

As I have stated before, science and technology progress and humanity discovers all sorts of things that testify of the Creator. These can be in the deepest parts of space or found under high-powered microscopes. Scientists are realizing that organisms appear to be engineered.

As science and technology advance, we find more evidence for God. Now we see that biological machines such as ribosome are designed according to engineering principles
Ribosome mRNA, Wikimedia Commons / LadyofHats (PD)
When someone in the secular science industry uses words that even hint at design and creation, it's "Katie, bar the door!" time. They want the praise to go to evolution. Someone will say that things appear to be designed but they really are not. That is a theological opinion, old son, not science. Indeed, some are skittish about discussing biological machines because those are designed according to engineering principles! The more they study, the more evidence is plainly seen of the Creator. Yippie ky yay, secularists!
The mind-blowing complexity of living things plainly reveals God’s agency as the maker of the biological realm. But we mustn’t stop at complexity alone. As researchers carefully study creatures part by part, they find components performing functions that correspond precisely to human-engineered components doing similar things. . . . 
The fact that biological functions can be explained by engineering principles is important to how God reveals Himself generally to all of humanity, as Romans 1 says He does. Why? Well, general revelation wouldn’t work if organisms’ processes were alien to human design experience or human research couldn’t decipher their operation.

Be amazed, read it all at "Billions of Biological Nanomachines Point to Christ's Workmanship." A curious coincidence is that I often listen to music for studying when I write these posts and articles. Take a glance at this one, showing engineered technology in action.