Evosplaining Ancient DNA

When Darwin's acolytes evosplain, anything goes. The complex scientific principle of Making Things Up™ is frequently invoked, bringing along compatible principles such as bad logic, ignoring inconvenient facts, and all that good stuff.

When dinosaur soft tissues were found, it was, "Katie, bar the door!" Evolutionists assume deep time (it is imperative for their storytelling), so they tried all sorts of rescuing devices to get away from the implications. Similar things happen with ancient DNA.

Dinosaur soft tissues were evosplained away with circular reasoning and facts were ignored. Ancient DNA is problematic and receives similar treatment.
Derived from DNA and clock images at Clker clipart
DNA is fragile, so it should not last very long. Ideal conditions can extend its shelf life on occasion. The narrative demands deep time, so it is presumed that Neanderthal DNA is 50,000 years old. Because evolution.

Darwinists put on top hats and tap dance around the age limits of DNA. They simply cannot allow themselves to face the fact that evidence consistently shows that the earth is far younger than they want to believe. There are more truths under heaven, evolutionists, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

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