The Dinosaur with the Super-Sized Identity Crisis

While time is erroneously considered to be a hero of the particles-to-paleontologist evolution story, it is often useful when sorting out evolutionary speculations. Evolutionists seek fame, and it is not uncommon for them to make assertions based on mediocre evidence. They often have woefully incomplete skeletons displayed as evidence for their story.

In the case of Supersaurus, a few bones were found in the 1970s. Very large bones. Presenting for your pondering pleasure, Ultrasaurus! (And the crowd goes wild). It was portrayed in many places. However, there were problems...

Ultrasaurus was a big thing several years ago, but there were several problems with it. Lack of evidence and acting in haste caused many problems. Parts of it were actually belonging to Supersaurus.
Supersaurus, Wikimedia Commons / LadyofHats (PD, modified)
The paleontologist did not make the moniker Ultrasaurus official, so someone else used it for his own version. The first one was renamed it Ultrasoros, changing the next-to-the-last letter. That's bad enough to cause identity problems for the critter, but it was later determined that the bones belonged to two different types of dinosaurs, one of which was Supersaurus. Ultrasaurus never existed.

Mistakes and bad science often come from working in haste, as seen in numerous cases. Another problem is naturalistic presuppositions. They assume millions of years and reject the Genesis Flood out of hand. The Flood explains many things that secular paleontology cannot.

He found what appeared to be three new types of dinosaurs, all of them truly giant long-necked sauropods. One of these, which he named Ultrasaurus macintoshi, would stand out above the rest.

. . .

Discovered and described in the 1970s and 80s, this giant sauropod captured the imaginations of many during the early 1990s, when ‘Dinomania’ was affecting popular culture. Everything from TV mini-series, toys, magazines, trading cards, books, art, and more featured the massive dinosaur.

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