Cretaceous Bird: Evolutionists Make Much out of Little

Shades of the Nebraska Man fake news! The hands at the Darwin Ranch, up yonder at Deception Pass, got the bit in their teeth and galloped away with news of a Cretaceous bird fossil. What did they find that was so exciting?

Another effort to avoid the truth of recent creation is making stories about bird evolution. This bird had a big bill, therefore, evolution. Nope.
Since I am not confident invoking Fair Use of the published image,
here is a toucan. Credit: Flickr / Mathias Appel (public domain)

Many evolutionists believe that dinosaurs evolved into birds, but that concept has a wagon train-full of problems that are conveniently ignored. However, birds and dinosaurs existed at the same time. What's a secularist to do? In addition to dodge, spin, parry, and other tricks, they also make up words rather than admit they have no evidence for evolution, bird or otherwise. Like the Nebraska Man fiasco, artists can imagine the entire scene without observable evidence. Whatever it takes to avoid the truth of recent creation, I suppose. The technology used to examine the fossil is impressive, though.

Hints of evolution with terms like "nonavian dinosaurs" and evolutionary paganism is invoked, making evolution into a sentient being that makes choices. It also finds ways to make evolution happen. Hail Darwin, blessed be!

The only fossil evidence was a larger beak than expected. From that, a scenario of evolution was built.

All the news media published their just-so story simultaneously, complete with artist reconstructions: a new bird, named Falcatakely (no, not Fake-i-tell-ye), emerged into storyland from a single skull found in Madagascar. The three-inch skull, being delicate, was not even extricated from the rock. Instead, American scientists performed a micro-CT scan on it to reconstruct the pieces in a computer model. The model is shown in‘s coverage, “Bird with tall, sickle-shaped beak reveals hidden diversity during the age of dinosaurs.” But first, the Darwin worship service:

To finish reading, fly over to "This Dinosaur-Era Bird Was Not Evolving", but be sure to come back for the next part.

So this bird had a beak that startled evolutionists. That's great. Despite their hubris about making pronouncements supporting evolution, they are forced to admit that there is a great deal to learn about the world, past and present. Something else that was dodged is the fact that there are no transitional fossils when there should have been many. Beaks are exceptionally important to birds, even though beaks are fully formed in bird fossils.

It turns out the bird had an unfamiliar skull understructure from which its familiar beak shape grew during development. According to Stony Brook University News that reported on the find, that means this extinct bird evolved a way to grow a hornbill-like beak without a hornbill-like skull. What does this imply for the origin of this and other birds?

To those who wouldn’t be able to publish results without first phrasing them in evolutionary terms, this means that two separate types of birds happened to evolve two separate ways of making the same basic beak shape.

Although there is some overlap, this second article has information that complements the one just above. To read the rest, see "Cretaceous Bird Beak Pecks Holes in Evolution". The short video below illustrates how evolutionists deal with inconvenient facts.