Layers of Folded Rocks

We recently looked at how it is reasonable to expect to find certain things if an idea is correct, and this is borne out in the Grand Canyon in support of creation science Flood geology. We need to visit there again and examine folded rock layers.

Another thing that secular geologists cannot reasonably explain is how rock layers around the earth are bent and curved. Creation Science explains.
Credit: US National Park Service (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)

Believers in deep time seem to want us to believe irrational and contradictory things. Sedimentary layers are supposedly laid down gradually over hundreds of millions of years, but using the complex scientific principle of Making Things Up™, these stiff rocks folded under proper conditions. (By the way, folded is used to describe curved layers as well as those which aremore dramatically folded.) Still waiting on empirical evidence to support these unobserved events in the distant past.

When the data is plugged into creation science Genesis Flood models, what is observed makes a great deal more sense. One thing the secularists have right: sedimentary rocks folded under the right conditions. The conditions were caused by the Flood and uplifts when the rocks were much more pliable and less likely to fracture like the ones we see now.

The fossil-bearing geologic record consists of tens of thousands of feet of sedimentary layers, though not all these layers are found everywhere around the globe, and their thickness varies from place to place. At most locations only a small portion is available to view, such as about 4,500 feet (1371 m) of strata in the walls of the Grand Canyon.

Uniformitarian (long-age) geologists believe that these sedimentary layers were deposited and deformed over the past 500 million years. If it really did take millions of years, then individual sediment layers would have been deposited slowly and the sequences would have been laid down sporadically. In contrast, if the global cataclysmic Genesis Flood deposited all these strata in a little more than a year, then the individual layers would have been deposited in rapid succession, one on top of the other.

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