Children Born Wired for Reading

Unlike that unscientific arbitrary assertion of misotheists that "Children are born atheist, which is the default position", research shows that they are born theists. To make matters worse for those who have Atheism Spectrum Disorder, children are also born hardwired for reading.

A new problem for evolutionists is how to deal with research showing that babies are born ready to read. Creationists should not be surprised at all.
Credit: Unsplash / Lavi Perchik

Research comparing brain fMRIs of adults and newborns indicates that the areas of the brain that process this kind of information in children are saddled up and ready to ride from the get-go. This brings to mind a remark by Dr. G. Charles Jackson said regarding the speech abilities of monkeys that they have the hardware but not the software drivers. They don't need it for their existence.

Also, it gives new meaning to the expression, "Born that way".

Born to read is a problem for proponents of minerals-to-mother evolution, since there is no plausible mechanism or even a need to evolve the ability to read. After all, according to their philosophies, intelligence came long after evolution; reading and writing came along even later. No, the Master Engineer designed our first parents with intelligence and functional maturity. It should be no surprise to biblical creationists that children are born ready to read.

Dogs don’t read the words on a page. Neither did Coco, the famous gorilla that learned to communicate using simple hand signs. So what affords humans the unique ability to read and write, and why do we do it? These kinds of questions drive Zeynep Saygin’s research at Ohio State. Her team’s recent discovery sets the stage for some answers.

Brain experts already knew about the visual cortex—an area of the brain where neurons fire as we interpret faces, shapes, and words. But Saygin’s group seeks to understand what happens in our brains as we learn to read.

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