The Masterful Engineering of Trees

It would be easy for someone to take trees for granted, even though we know that they give us wood products, homes for assorted critters, and produce oxygen. What is easy to overlook is how they are exquisite examples of our Creator's genius.

We may not think much about trees other than wood, producing oxygen, and so on. However, despite misotheists, they are superb examples of design.
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Trees can be likened to buildings. A favorite argument of many creationists and those in the Intelligent Design movement is that a painting has a painter, a building has a builder, etc., but the extreme complexity of life is the product of atheistic naturalism and evolution. That's willful ignorance, old son, just like the absurd canard that things only appear to be designed — which is just an opinion.

"Didn't George Carlin ask why they're called buildings when they're already built, Cowboy Bob?"

I think that was him. Moving on...

Buildings begin with plans (information), and trees have their information packed into tiny seeds. Materials must be brought to the building's site, but trees are designed to use what is available. Energy needs to be installed in a building, but trees are made for photosynthesis. This process uses sunlight, carbon dioxide, and organic compounds to provide energy. There are more details of the specified complexity in trees to consider and appreciate in our Creator's work.
Trees are given a prominent position in God’s Word. Psalm 1 compares a man who bases his life on God’s law to a tree growing close to streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither.

To most people, trees are the very essence of ‘naturalness’, which basically implies absence of artificial human input. In recent decades, secular literature has shown a noticeable shift towards interpreting naturalness as absence of divine input—as merely the product of chance, by evolution. Nothing could be further from the truth; a tree is not a product of chance, but of divine design.

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