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Monday, January 25, 2021

Secular Dinosaur Bone Research Indicates Massive Flood

Darwin's Handmaidens on teh interwebs and social(ist) media often utter words of profound wisdom: "Haw, haw! You idiots believe in that global Flood!" However, they reject the Genesis Flood despite the evidence. How do they react when secular sources indicate a massive flood?

Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Nobu Tamura (CC BY-SA 3.0)

While some evolutionists are quick to run off at the mouth and make proclamations that are not necessarily supported by evidence, a study was conducted over 20 years on dinosaur bones. (For supposedly having joined the choir invisible 65 million years ago, I reckon that their bones shouldn't be sticking up out of the ground like that.) They were disarticulated (not joined together), the bones were sorted from heavy to light, and other details.

The data clearly indicates a huge flood. Biblical creationists have seen evidence of the global Genesis Flood in many places around the world. This includes sedimentary rock formations spanning huge areas, jumbled boneyards of creatures that would not normally be found together, and more. In the secular research, there was no escaping the facts, but they were apparently unwilling to go as far as to consider Flood geology.

Multiple specimens of Edmontosaurus give evidence of catastrophic water burial after transport by an underwater debris flow.

Picture this: a crowd of large dinosaurs drowns suddenly. Their carcasses are carried by a debris flow of in a muddy matrix for miles. The debris flow lands in deep water, sorting the bones by weight. And here’s the most amazing part: the site where this was analyzed appears to be characteristic of many dinosaur deposits.

Sound like a widespread flood happened? Can a paper with such anti-consensus conclusions be published these days? Yes. The paper is open-access at the following link, so readers can learn all about an amazing dinosaur dig site.

To uncover the rest of the article, see "Dinosaur Bone Bed Indicates Underwater Graveyard".

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