Fundamentally Flawed Ice Age Stories

Like anyone else that commences to telling tall tales, secular scientists get their stories going but trap themselves. For example, they claim that Earth had five major ice ages that would have turned Earth into a snowball — with no mechanism for thawing even once! Then there are glacial striations.

Secular scientists have convenient excuses and bad science to justify multiple ice ages. One is absurd, and the glacial striations are not glacial.
Gravelly Mountains image credit: USDA / Preston Keres
Secularists believe that there were actually fifty (count 'em!) lesser ice ages in the Pleistocene, but each one conveniently ruined the evidence. But hey, look at the glacial striations in rocks, like them thar in the landslide on top of the Gravelly Mountains! (Also, there's tweaking the data from the ineffective Milankovitch theory.) A big problem with the so-called glacial striations is that they sure do look a lot like the results from rocks bouncing off one another. Actually, their ancient ice ages are explained by the one Ice Age and the Genesis Flood.
Pleistocene sediments or geomorphological features before the last ice age could represent either activity before an area was glaciated or Flood features. An example of the latter is found in the ‘terrace’ remnants along the northeast Wind River Mountains of Wyoming. The remnants are commonly thought to be eroded outwash features from early ice ages. Yet, they are not connected to a moraine or any other glacial features. A better explanation is that they are pediments formed during channelized Flood runoff that were later dissected to remnants.

Yes, we have some expensive words there. To learn a bit of geology and the Flood, see the full article at "Glacial-like striations formed in less than 90 seconds".