Dinosaur Soft Tissues, the Age of the Earth, and Microscopy

People familiar with The Question Evolution Project on Facebook should remember podcasts we posted of Dr. Ben Scripture of Scripture on Creation. (In fact, they interviewed me, and one of our topicss was Question Evolution Day.) Dr. Scripture contacted me with exciting news from his interview with Dr. Mark Armitage.

Soft tissues in dinosaur bones are bad news for evolution. Dr. Scripture interviews Mark Armitage on his microscopy work. Good news for creationists.
File photo of Dr. Scripture (left), YouTube screenshot of Mark Armitage (right)
We have two items of interest about how microscopy is not conducive to universal common descent evolution, the second of which will appear below. The one I like best is first.

Mark Armitage is a bad man according to believers in molecules-to-microscopist evolution as well as proponents of an old earth. His crime? Having an article published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Acta Histochemica with Dr. Kevin Anderson about soft tissues in a Triceratops horn in 2012.

Dr. Armitage had a successful job at the biological imaging facility at California State University, Northridge. The program was popular there. Although the paper was about microscopy, he was fired from the college because having a Christian on staff apparently puts burrs under the saddles of those in power. He sued the university. Misotheists were laughing about it, evosplaining that he deserved it for being a biblical creationist. However, he won his suit and they settled out of court (see this article from 2016); it was costing the university lots of grotzits and they were clearly engaging in discrimination. Best to cut their losses.

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It was originally made in response to another post about Mark Armitage.

He has ridden a long trail over the years and quite a bit has happened. I'll let Dr. Scripture and Dr. Armitage fill you in, but I want to say that he started the Dinosaur Soft Tissue Research Institute, which is run by volunteers. They have ongoing discoveries, including one about chromosomes with follow-up peer-reviewed papers. (I am stressing the peer-reviewed part because misotheists claim that creationists are never in secular journals.) So, Mark has been busy and so has the DSTRI.

Now I'll turn you over to Dr. Scripture's interview. I liked it so much, I listened twice. It is free to listen online or download the MP3, so you can find out here. Listen for a reference to a prediction by Dr. Armitage that there would be an increase in the discoveries of soft tissues. (Related: see "Five Important Soft Tissue Problems for Evolutionists".) Remember that I said there was another item? Right, let's do that next.

Longtime followers of ICR should be familiar with our research into original organics in fossils. Over 100 peer-reviewed secular publications have shown that one might discover original tissue remnants in fossils from any region.

. . . 

One technique that targets the protein collagen in bone is called cross polarized light microscopy (XPOL). Research begins with preparing very thin sections of bone. A microscope fitted with crossed polarizers (“cross polars”) can detect regions in the sample where something twists the light. In bone, that something is collagen.

. . . 

XPOL light microscopy is just one more tool—alongside a few dozen others—that scientists use to help describe collagen in fossil bone. As with the other 100-plus soft tissue discoveries, these bones look thousands, not millions, of years old.

To read the entire article, visit "Microscopy May Detect Fossil Bone Collagen".