Evolutionist References Sherlock Holmes to Explain Dinosaur

Have you ever heard of the genus Lambeosaurus? Dinosaur enthusiasts probably know of this hadrosaur (duck-billed) hatchet-headed genus that had hollow crests, probably used for storing drinks and snacks. Found in Asia, North America and Europe — but how did one get to Africa?

The discovery of a kind of hadrosaur where it is not supposed to be flustered Darwin's disciples as to how it got there. Flood geology explains it.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Dmitry Bogdanov (CC BY 3.0)

According to deep time evolutionary beliefs, Africa was surrounded by water before they supposedly evolved. This discovery was described as being out of place, and one evolutionist used a famous quote by Sherlock Holmes (A. Conan Doyle). Their scenarios fail, but creation science Genesis Flood models make sense of the discovery. Unfortunately, the lecturer did not apply that quote to the Flood explanation. That seems rather inconsistent.

A new species of duck-billed dinosaur, Ajnabia odysseus, was recently unearthed in North Africa. This is the first hadrosaur-type dinosaur ever discovered on the continent of Africa, and it creates a conundrum for evolutionary scientists because its location doesn’t fit their narrative.

The new dinosaur, a member of the Lambeosaurinae subfamily, was discovered in a mine in Morocco in the uppermost Cretaceous System strata. It measured about 10 feet long, which is rather small compared to other hadrosaurs that could reach up to 49 feet.

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