Punctuating the Crocodile Evolution

Sometimes it get baffling how people persist in believing universal common descent evolution, what with all the bad science, frauds, and all. Then I remember that such pedagese exists because naturalists will believe anything rather than allow a Divine foot in the door. Consider crocodiles and punctuated equilibrium.

Some evolutionists admit that they do not have the transitional fossil forms they need. Punctuated equilibrium, rapid change without evidence is used as an explanation for crocodile non-evolution.
Modified from an image at Pexels / Rutpratheep Nilpechr

It's been "the trade secret of paleontology" that there are no undisputed transitional fossils. (In fact, many putative transitional forms were simply different genders, adults, juveniles, variations of the same critter.) Since Papa Darwin knew that the fossils did not support his views, he took it by faith that they would be found someday (which is not science in the least). Since there is no actual evidence for evolution, what's a Darwin devotee to do?

Trade one story without evidence for another tall tale, of course! Otto Schindewolf proposed that evolution happened in bursts, so that's why there's no evidence. Richard Goldschmidt later came up with the "hopeful monster" idea, where (short version) a bird laid an egg and a lizard hatched. He ran this one up the flagpole but nobody saluted it, so it faded.

Stephen Jay Gould and Niles Eldredge bought it out of the root cellar and gave it the expensive moniker of punctuated equilibrium, which is sort of like all those movie "reboots" where the dreadful phrase, "The same thing only different" applies.

Whether fundamentalist evolutionism or sudden leaps, all of this presupposes some form of evolution and denies the truth of our Creator. Then they build their ranch spread firmly in the air with no actual foundation, with a heapin' helpin' of faith to keep it hanging there. Since evolution can explain anything (which means it explains nothing), the irresistible force of evolution can be suspended; something doesn't evolve if it doesn't need to. No "evolutionary pressures" happened over millions of Darwin years, so an organism remained in stasis.

They are pulling these pieces of non-science together to explain the lack of evidence for crocodile evolution. In fact, since they cannot admit that evidence doesn't exist and they are simply using the complex scientific principle of Making Things Up™. They are also trying to marry up gradualism with rapid processes, and people are getting paid lotsa grotzits for doing nothing. And they do it quite well.

Evolution is fast except when it is slow. It explains all, including why crocodiles are largely unchanged for 200 mya.

The theory of punctuated equilibrium (“punk eek”) was the Darwin-rescue device concocted by Stephen Jay Gould and Niles Eldredge in 1972, when the paleontologists realized that evolution appears to change organisms rapidly between long periods of stasis (i.e., no evolution). The PBS Evolution site treats punk eek as a valid hypothesis still needing answers, but at the time, evolutionists revolted at the idea. They had been trained to think in Darwin’s terms of slow, gradual accumulation of small variations. With smile mask on, the PBS writer smooths over the controversy:

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