Darwinism and the Gypsy Holocaust

The trope of Gypsies traveling in wagons was rather common on television and in movies, often as comedy. They were viewed with suspicion and hostility, and some probably perpetuated their image as thieves and swindlers. However, the caricatures are inadequate.

Gypsies are familiar because of movie and television tropes, but this ethnic group is complex. They suffered persecution in WW2 based on evolution.
Encampment of Gypsies with Caravans, Vincent van Gogh, 1888
It is true that they had nomadic groups. Accents given to them on television seemed to be Hungarian, Romanian, and similar, but they did not originate from those areas. Gypsies are the Romani (or Roma) people, and are a large minority in Eastern European countries even today. However, this ethnic group has a language similar to Hindi, and they probably came from India way back when.

We hear about the Nazi persecution of the Jews, less about the Japanese atrocities in World War II, but not very much about the persecution and murders of many thousands of Romani people. Why pick on them? After all, Hitler didn't discuss them. It was because of Darwinian views of the Nazis and arbitrary decisions.

The Romani were "racially inferior", and Germans were free to kill them because of irrational justification. (I expect leftists in the formerly United States to have license to persecute their political opponents. Because reasons and stuff.) Racism based on Darwinian thinking led to extreme persecution of the Romani people. They, too, were created in the image of God. It is indeed unfortunate that it is difficult to convince an evolutionist of this truth.

The Gypsies, along with the Jews, were a major target of the Holocaust due to claims that they were both inferior races. Attempts to apply Darwinian eugenics were part of the Nazi effort to produce a superior race in Germany. The Gypsies have largely been ignored by scholars and others until recently. At least a dozen academic studies and four books have now been dedicated to document their experience during World War II. Hitler was not behind the genocide of Gypsies, nor was he concerned about them; the academic “race scientists” planned and orchestrated their genocide. The Gypsies’ case illustrates a major result of rejecting the Genesis teaching that all men are descendants of the original created pair of humans, and instead Nazi ideology classified people groups on a superior-inferior ranking. As documented in this brief review, the evil this worldview caused, even to a relatively small group, was enormous.

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