Breaking News — Facebook Atheists Confess Nazism

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen
Edited November 11, 2022

HYDE PARK, NY — An unremarkable Page on Facebook visited by misotheists openly admitted to supporting Nazi views. "Evil People Trying to Prove Evolution" was posted in preparation for Question Evolution Day, which prompted the confession and outrage by the Page.

A Page on Facebook with angry atheists inadvertently confessed to Nazi sympathies during an attack on Christians and creationists.
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The retort of, "So now we're 'evil'. Thanks for showing us who you really are" was used in the Page's usual approach of sharing to ridicule, followed by ad hominems, blatant misrepresentation, outright lies, and other logical fallacies. None of the atheists who commented on the post disassociated themselves from Nazism. They were probably emboldened by the beginning of the illegitimate Biden-Harris administration's seizing of power.

We contacted a Deputy US Marshal, who only identified himself as Curtis. He said that the owner of the Page is named Lori. Our intrepid reporters located Lori kissing baboons in the jungle, who only replied cryptically, "Jeux sans frontières".

In addition to admitting to sympathizing with Nazis, the atheopaths were shocked to discover that they are anti-creationists, and are obviously offended when Nazis are called evil. Cowboy Bob Sorensen told the GEN1 staff that the logic is clear: "The article is about Nazis murdering Jews to prove their evolutionary superiority, they were angry about being called evil, so they identify as Nazis." They have also defended evolutionary racism while also attempting to deny the proven connection between evolution and racism.

Ironically, Hitler did not like atheism.

The above satire has several elements of truth in it. In addition, I used their "logic" against them. These sidewinders demand evidence for biblical creation science, but when it is provided, they refuse to examine it. The Admin mentioned above could not be bothered to give the article even a cursory examination before spewing his venom, otherwise he may have understood the subject matter. Also, they used blatant misrepresentation by strongly implying the title was something like, "People who try to prove evolution are evil".

Atheists like this pretend to be our intellectual superiors, but they are mentally lazy and dishonest, showing no signs of integrity. If someone wants to refute something, then learn the material and represent it properly. Hiding out in treetops and ridiculing, essentially saying, "Nuh UH! You stupid creatard!" does not help their credibility.

ADDENDUM: The atheopath in question is not named Lori. That came from a misidentification.