No Inner Core for Earth?

Once again, the hands at the Darwin Ranch are mighty upset because science does not support naturalism. In this case, cosmic evolution, Earth's formation, and deep time. Rusty Swingset, the foreman out there, wonders why basic science was missed for so many years.


A secular peer-reviewed paper has the conclusion that the earth's core should not exist. This is based on failed deep-time assumptions.
Credit: NASA / Dixon Rohr
Researchers submitted a paper concluding that the earth's inner core should not exist. Because evolution. Reasons and stuff. Essentially, since they start with naturalistic presuppositions, and since people forgot to do important parts of the science, they cannot account for its existence. It does have a solid inner core which generates the magnetic field that protects us. It's a bit much to ask, but if they dropped the deep time stuff and believed God's Word, they would see that the world was created recently.

Since the 1930s, observations of earthquake-generated seismic waves have indicated that the earth has a liquid outer core and a solid inner core.

Now a team of researchers from Case Western Reserve University has concluded that our planet’s “inner core should not exist at all.” In a paper titled, ‘Earth’s inner core nucleation paradox’ they explain that the previously unaccounted for ‘nucleation energy barrier’ (see below) puts a seemingly unassailable hurdle in front of the naturalistic explanation for the inner core’s formation.

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