Eugenics, Abortion, and Down Syndrome

As many know, eugenics (meaning "well born") is a method of deciding who is fit for life. It is based on Darwinian ideas and political climate. It fell out of favor in the US when the Nazis took it to its logical conclusion, but is returning and being used to eliminate Down Syndrome.

Eugenics is based on Darwinian ideas and has caused a great deal of evil in the world. This is being used to justify abortion of Down Syndrome babies.
Donald Trump and Mike Pence with guests on World Down Syndrome Day, 2019
Credit: Flickr / The White House / Tia Dufour
Of course, when I say "eliminate" Down Syndrome (sometimes called Down's Syndrome), I mean that prenatal tests determining the condition result in abortion. Cold-hearted Iceland proudly proclaims that there is almost no Down Syndrome there, but that's because the children were murdered. (Interestingly, Poland has gone the other direction.) My shameful distant cousins in Denmark are about as bad as Iceland.

I am convinced that a big reason that the formerly United States is under divine judgment is because of the millions of abortions that are performed. Many of these are simply out of convenience, and women know they are ending lives but do not care. In addition, evolution has been used to justify abortion, saying it's not really human yet. (Someone raised an interesting question: If the child is not human, why does Planned Parenthood engage in criminal activity by harvesting the organs and selling them?)

Another excuse for abortion is that people play God and decide that if the child has Down Syndrome, it will have a poor quality of life, so it's a good thing to murder it. This is blasphemous. It is also illogical, because there are differing degrees of the condition. My brother had severe Down Syndrome, and my parents would not have been happier without him. He also lived to age 64 — much longer than was projected and re-projected.

See the pattern? Two of the excuses for eugenics are Darwinism and quality of life. The same is happening to murder unborn children with Down Syndrome. Because God is our Creator, not evolution and natural selection (unnatural selection with eugenics), all of this is more heinous. Two articles on this subject follow.

One small gripe I have is that the author is a biblical creationist, but seems reluctant to say so much of the time. He would do well to learn presuppositional apologetics.