Secular Science Confirming the Genesis Flood?

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

Scoffers of the Genesis Flood often ask where all the water went, and biblical creationists point out that Earth is 70 percent covered by water. Also, if the earth were completely smooth, it would be completely covered by water. But there's more.

Credit: NASA / ISS 42 / Terry Virts
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Something secularists detest (as do many old-earth creationists and theistic evolutionists) is that Genesis indicates the Earth was created out of water. Dr. D. Russell Humpreys based his accurate predictions of planetary fields on this. I reckon that if science contradicted creationism, we would light a shuck out of there. When materialistic assumptions and circular reasoning are stripped away, science supports creation; we have an especially good time with geology.

I was spurred to write this here article because of one from 2018, "Science confirms Genesis Flood account, again". While it is not a science website, they discuss both creationist and secular (at least one of which is peer reviewed) sources. There's water in them thar rocks, and a heap of it! However, be wary of claims of "oceans of water" in the earth's mantle. You probably won't be drilling down and then find a body of water. It's trapped in ringwoodite and diamonds, and there are other complicating unknown factors.

Although secular scientists and those with Atheism Spectrum Disorder reject the Genesis Flood out of hand and usually avoid any evidence that it happened, there are reports from secular sources that fit biblical creation science Flood models. We have seen this several times on this site alone. 

Rejection of the Flood is not about evidence, of which there is plenty. Instead, it is a spiritual matter. They know that God exists (Rom. 1:18), and the Flood was a judgment on the world (Matt. 24:36-39). As we see in 2 Peter 3:5-7, there is another Judgment coming — and this one will be by fire. Better be ready.