Abrupt Climate Changes, Global Warming, and the Genesis Flood

Why biblical creationists are interested in claims about global climate change may not be readily apparent, but this is made clear when worldviews are taken into account. There are several interrelated factors involved.

Sciences like climate change and evolution depend on an old earth, and an a priori refusal to admit that God is the Creator and makes the rules. The world will end according to his timetable, not human activity. In addition, secular science is openly supportive of leftist causes. Now, about those abrupt climate changes...

Ice cores from glaciers showed things surprising to secular climatologists, including abrupt climate change. These findings fit creation science Flood models.
Glacier, FreeImages / ainhi
People who have been frightened by doomsday prophecies by secularists should ride up on the hill and get the big picture. Not only do they reject the Creator who sustains his creation, but their track record on predictions is dismal.

Secularists "see" evidence for their presuppositions where none exists, omit inconvenient information, or draw conclusions without considering all relevant facts. They fuel panic, saying that we are close to reaching an irreversible point and the world will end. Not hardly!

Drilling for ice cores in Greenland revealed abrupt climate changes. Corresponding changes were not found in Antarctic ice sheets. So, it was not global. Also, the changes were much more rapid than are expected in deep-time beliefs. These shifts are not usually seen in climate models. Scientists have no idea what caused the changes, so naturally, they commence to speculating and debating. 

In reality, these big climate changes are well in keeping with biblical creation science models. They happened because of the conditions brought on by the Ice Age, which was in turn caused by the Genesis Flood. To see such sudden and drastic changes today is extremely unlikely.

The major features of ice cores from the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets can be explained within biblical earth history. But these ice cores also show an apparent series of abrupt climate changes. At first these appear to contradict biblical earth history, but volcanism during the post-Flood Ice Age provides a convincing explanation. This ice core data caused a paradigm shift in glaciology from gradual to abrupt climate changes and has helped fuel fear of sudden and catastrophic future climate change.

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