The Magnetic Field and Biblical Archaeology

Before we get to the main subject, there is some interesting news about the magnetic field of Earth. This shield surrounds our blue marble and protects us from harmful solar radiation, plasma, and such. It was recently discovered that when plasma strikes the magnetosphere, it vibrates and ripples like a drum membrane. The impact is spread out and dissipated to a large extent. The way buildings are designed to move in high winds or in earthquakes (resilience movement) comes to mind. To this child, is is an aspect of the magnetic field which is yet another example of the Master Engineer's design capabilities. Analysis by biblical creationists should be interesting.

The magnetic field not only protects Earth, but can help determine the age of old structures. Bonus information, there are times the magnetosphere vibrates like a drum.
Earth's magnetic field, NASA / Walt Feimer (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
Radiocarbon dating is useful for determining an approximate age of certain things, but its reliability is lessened when the object under scrutiny is very old. The magnetic field can help. It has signatures where the age and the direction of the field can be inferred. Putting this information with radiocarbon dating, the historical narratives in biblical texts may become dated more precisely. However, dating methods require assumptions.
When ancient empires destroyed towns in the Middle East, little did they know that, thousands of years later, smart people named geophysicists would be able to snoop in and figure out when they did it. And they could do it by reading an invisible force field that surrounded the conquerors, leaving its imprint on the burned bricks they left behind – a force field oblivious to them that was also keeping them alive: the earth’s magnetic field. The global magnetosphere shields all life from deadly radiation from the sun and from deep space.

. . . The Bible tells of many battles throughout the Holy Land as the kingdoms of Israel and Judah fought to defend their towns from invading armies. . . . In the melted metals and clays of the burned materials, the earth’s magnetic field imprinted a signature of its strength and orientation that could later be measured, thousands of years later, with precision instruments invented by scientists and engineers.

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