Lizard fouls up Evolutionary Timeline

Squamates. Sounds like something on sale at the supermarket along with kumquats and squash, but it refers to card-carrying members of squamata. That is the largest order of snakes and lizards.

There are many fossils in storage at museums, many of which are not available for public viewing except on special occasions or privilege. Some have been tucked away for a mighty long time, and when they are finally examined (or reexamined), things get interesting in Darwinland. So, they had this lizard fossil in a cupboard...

When evolutionary dating of fossils do not line up, make up stories. This time it happened with a tuatara-like lizard fossil that upset evolutionists.
Tuatara, Flickr / Bernard Spragg. NZ (for Public Domain)
Evolutionary paleontologists seem to have no qualms about playing fast 'n' loose with time. In this case, modern lizards originated thirty-five million Darwin years sooner than they thought. This child finds it interesting that although it is claimed that there are numerous transitional and other fossils supporting evolution, just one can derail the entire train.

These things that cause disruptions in evolutionism are no problem, since tellers of Just-So Stories crank out rescuing devices when evolution happens too fast, too slow, in the wrong places, and so on. Unethical behavior occurs partly because secularists are locked into their naturalistic paradigm. They never will know the truth if they keep denying (and refusing to even examine) evidence for recent creation.

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