Enceladus Stupid Astrobiology Trick

Every once in a while, this child gets curious how folks who are edjamakated and have science jobs can be disconnected from logic. Such is the case with NASA, where scientists are still trying to imagine life on Enceladus, a moon of Saturn. 

Short form: Mayhaps hydrothermal vents on Enceladus are sources of microbial life, and there may finally be something for astrobiology people to study. I wonder if the publicists were being coached by Russell Watchtower and the hands at the Darwin Ranch's propaganda department, it is so outlandish.

Logic-impaired NASA scientists think that since Earth has life in extreme places like hydrothermal vents, it must exist on a moon of Saturn. Uh, sure.
Hydrothermal vent, Niua volcano, USGS / PD
The word inhabited was used. It was probably used in reference to microbes, but the connotation is that intelligent life may be found. Maybe it's selling enchiladas on Enceladus. Earth has hydrothermal vents deep in the ocean where hot, nasty stuff comes out but microbes and other life forms are happy to live there. Perhaps the same conditions exist on that moon. Let's get us a passel of grotzits to pay for a trip out there to take a look-see! Remember, these logic-impaired people are paid by the same agency that wants to put people on the moon again, and maybe even Mars. 

Of course, we expect secularists to appeal to evolution and materialism (and probably abiogenesis) because of their presuppositions. Evidence has never revealed a hint of extraterrestrial life, and it also shows that the solar system was created, not evolved. Materialists insist those last two points be ignored because reasons and stuff.
‘I found dirty water. It looks like bathwater. There must be a baby in it!’ Would this make any sense? How about this syllogism: ‘Skyscrapers have iron. Mars has iron. Conclusion: Mars has skyscrapers.’

How is this bad logic any different in NASA-JPL’s latest contention that Enceladus is like Earth? There is some scientific research involved; brave explorers searched under Arctic ice and found hydrothermal vents. Enceladus is thought to have hydrothermal vents too; they might be powering its geysers (although that hypothesis is by inference; nobody has seen them). Earth’s hydrothermal vents often have life. Conclusion: Enceladus must also have life!

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