Some Evolutionary Censorship Tactics

On Fakebook, I saw an exchange with an angry misotheist who is also an evolutionist and an anti-Christian bigot. It was about "Lizards Foul Up Evolutionary Timeline," and the misotheist said, " never see anything like this in legitimate scientific literature." (Note the genetic fallacy with the word "legitimate".) A supporter showed the references from that featured post including Science, Live Science, and others. This showed that the attacker did not even look at the material, and I reckon self-humiliation is unimportant as long as he expresses hatred. It's who they are and what they do. But what of professional evolutionists?

Atlantic white shark, National Park Service / Bill Fisher (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
We have seen that secularists have money and power, so they make the rules. Creationists come along with evidence that is contrary to the faith, and they circle the wagons to fire back or simply exclude unpleasant facts. Someone sends a telegram to Rusty Swingset at the Darwin Ranch and asks him to have the crew fire up the propaganda mill and to find rescuing devices.

Sharks are living fossils, essentially unchanged over millions of years in the conventional dating scheme. Problems? Darwinists deal from the bottom of the deck. Making statements about vestigial organs for years, then the information is refuted? Ignore the problem because the lapdog media has already poisoned the well, and people believe fake news — and spread it themselves. The evolution virus is extremely contagious, but biblical creationists are doing what we can with what we have to spread the cure.

You can read an article that explains what I'm going on about at "How Darwinism Morphs to Censor Critics."