Why They Reject the Truths of Design and Creation

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Over at Evolution News, an Intelligent Design site run by the Discovery Institute, there was a fund-raising article. Nothing wrong with that since neither they nor biblical creation science organizations receive government funding — unlike the secular science industry. The author, Dr. John G. West, raised some points worth discussing in "The Biggest Obstacle to Accepting Intelligent Design".

Regular readers know that I have serious reservations about the "big tent" ID movement, but they often do good work showing flaws in minerals-to-microbiologist evolution. Both ID and creationists use intelligent design arguments about living things and specified complexities.

Engineer at work, Pexels / RF._.studio
Dr. West says the biggest obstacle for people to accept Intelligent design is: Not hearing the evidence in the first place. I reckon there's some truth to that. A spell back I was telling someone that I promote creation science, and the other person had never heard of such a thing. Evolution and millions of years? Oh yes, everyone knows about those things and how they're all sciency and stuff.

One of the oldest arguments for design used by Ray Comfort and others is that a painting has a painter, a building has a builder, and living things are far more complicated those, so there must be a Creator. It makes sense, and some folks have probably pondered that during contemplative moments. The argument can be a good starting point in conversations.

Clinton Richard Dawkins said that things appear to have been designed for a purpose, but clearly does not believe that they actually are. Misotheists, with their bumper sticker mentalities, use that as a means of rescue. Dawkins said it, I believe it, that settles it. Right, pilgrim? Never mind logic, things only appear designed. But that is not a scientific response, it is just the opinion of an atheopath.

West also points out that the secular science industry goes to great lengths to censor ID. They think it is low-calorie creation science (which is false), and can't let a divine foot in the door. The evidence for God is clearly evident (Rom. 1:18-23), and secularists unrighteously suppress the truth. Both the ID movement and evidential apologetics have the naïvety of thinking that people will see the evidence and logic, compelling them to believe in a higher power.

On this site and many others, there are numerous examples of people who have had requested evidence, then refused to consider it. They are intellectually dishonest. This is in keeping with what the Bible tells us about people who don't know God through Jesus Christ. They presuppose naturalism and fight to keep it. Yes, in some instances, people are persuaded by evidence because the Holy Spirit is working in their lives. Christians need to presuppose that the Bible is true, and refuse to "leave the Bible out of it." That's because you cannot be neutral, old son.

Something else worth considering is how there is a tremendous amount of evidence against evolution. Darwin's disciples tell Just-So Stories without fact to back them up, and loyal believers accept stories as science. This is in addition to their refusal to consider scientific evidence for recent creation and the Genesis Flood. Study on that for a spell.

Sure, use ID material. I've done it myself. However, it's best to use a framework of presupposing the truth of God's Word so the Spirit can begin working in the hearts and minds of hearers. It would be great if the Christians at the Discovery Institute would grasp these truths. Also of interest: "You Cannot Find It If You Do Not Look." This dropped in between the writing and publishing of this post, "When ID Falls Short."