Sleep is a Gift of the Creator

As I write this, I am recovering from the Rona. If I previously had a fever over 100, it is not in my memory. Doing the standard things: keep hydrated, fever reducers, stay cool but avoid getting a chill, eat if possible — and get plenty of sleep.

This may be off the wall, but I have heard it said that if people push themselves too hard, their systems will lay them low. You will get rest. That includes getting real sleep, sometimes quite a bit (like I have been doing the past couple of days). The Master Engineer designed sleep for several purposes.

Sleeping baby, RGBStock / Adrian van Leen
A couple more personal views before we move on. Some folks have dreams, then grab a book that supposedly tells them what it means. Some make sense (crossing a bridge while preparing to travel), others are ridiculous. Actually, dreams are usually the subconscious is trying to work things out.

We sleep in different stages in our lives. Infants need a great deal of it, but not all at once. Later, we sleep for longer periods (sometimes power naps for adults have been shown to be useful). As indicated, we need it during illnesses to aid our recovery. Our conscious minds are on hiatus while other things are happening during sleep — things that are important for us.

A special edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences presented some of the latest findings on the science of sleep. Given that we spend one third of our lives in that subconscious horizontal position, it’s worth understanding why we need it. Our Creator provided for our needs by using the night darkness for a time of refreshment, consolidation and repair.

The rest of the article is all you've dreamed of, and can be found at "Why God Created Sleep."