DNA Troubles Evolution with Doppelgänger Genes

Some people throw around the German word doppelgänger when they see a person who strongly resembles another, and some people look for a supernatural aspect. (Christian Rock band Daniel Amos used it as an analogy for our sin nature.) While there is nothing supernatural about the doppelgänger gene, more formally known as the Signal Recognition Particle 14, it spooks Darwin's acolytes.

Yet again, the science of genetics (which was pioneered by Gregor Mendel, peas be upon him) has been unkind to evolution. It seems to this child that doppelgänger genes are an Easter egg hidden by our Creator for modern scientists to find.

Yet again genetics is hostile to Darwinism. SRP 14  is found in various places of the failed Tree of Life. This is not surprising to creationists.
DNA, Pixabay / Gerd Altmann
Remember when I mentioned planograms? Those are like maps by which big retail stores are told where to lay out merchandise. I compare those to the evolutionary Tree of Life and clades. Evolutionists have their planograms where living things are expected to belong, but SRP 14 is mighty recalcitrant.

Similar living things have similar traits and similar DNA structures. We get that. What baffles evolutionists is that extremely different organisms have SRP 14. These doppelgänger genes have the same functions in different critters. They also have structures that are very much alike, and Darwinists cannot provide plausible explanations.

They come up with some outrageous rescuing devices. F'rinstance: While evolving, things had those genes, but later on there was a gene purge and they're gone now. Whatever you say, sport, but there's no evidence. It is far more reasonable to believe that the Master Engineer designed things according to his superior planogram.
Evolution has difficulty explaining the similarities in gene distribution and sequences in unrelated groups of organisms. Doppelganger genes are genes that are highly homologous to one another but are found on disjunct parts of the alleged evolutionary tree. . . . Evolution cannot explain why this isoform is conserved throughout the alleged evolutionary tree, yet two structurally significantly different isoforms occur in one species. Creation theory offers a better explanation, namely that these two SRP14 isoforms are distinctly created functional units.

To read all of this paper, see "Doppelgänger protein ‘Signal Recognition Particle 14’ refutes evolution."