Listen Up, Neanderthals!

Some mighty interesting discoveries about Neanderthals are becoming more frequent. (Indeed, it seems like when I write up a post on them, another is waiting in my reading list for attention.) I spread out the posts. Some Darwinist holdouts want Neanderthals to remain as primitive brutes, but their humanity has been fully established. Although this Intelligent Design article supports conventional evolutionary years, it also discusses how they were sophisticated, and skilled at cooking. Another from the same source suggests use of eagle talons and feathers for ornamentation show they had symbolic expression thought processes.

Despite some evolutionist holdouts, Neanderthals are established as fully human. Technology shows that they were able to hear as well as modern humans.
Le Moustier Neanderthals, AMNH / Charles R. Knight, 1920

Researchers can determine some surprising things from fossilized bones (e.g., the amazing eyes of trilobites), and similar technology has been applied to Neanderthals. The result is that they could hear just fine. Frankly (mind if I call you Frank?), it seems that secularists would say that good hearing was to their "evolutionary advantage" or something.

Interestingly, Darwinists deny that Neanderthals could speak even though they had the mechanisms. That shows evolutionary presuppositions; gotta keep the stupid primitive narrative going. Meanwhile, biblical creationists know that the evidence shows Neanderthals were products of creation, not evolution.

Secular scientists are finding more and more Neanderthal characteristics that are similar to, or the same as, modern man. Neanderthals had a brain size a little larger than that of modern man. They buried their dead, likely built boats, talked like modern man, lived in cold climates, managed fire, painted on cave walls, made jewelry, probably made bone flutes for music, made string or cordage, had diversified hunting strategies, ate diverse types of food, and dove for shellfish. DNA studies reveal that Neanderthals were absorbed into modern people groups; every people group has a certain percentage of Neanderthal DNA.

The rest of the article is at "Neanderthals could hear like modern man."