Dragons of the Air Enigmatic to Evolutionists

Flying reptiles of the past have long been a source of amazement to many people, and there is a great deal of mystery surrounding them. As expected, they appear in movies and such. There are about 150 species defined from fossils, and apparently Pterodactylus was the first kind discovered.

A 2005 movie titled Pterodactyl has some of the critters living in modern times with wing edges like guillotines. Those are also about three times the size of Pterodactylus from the fossil record. If the movie makers had done a little homework, they should have called it Pteranodon. Better yet, name the flick after the bigger grouping, pterosaurs. I only watched a few minutes of the movie and suggest you skip it.

Pterosaur replica, Pixabay / Efraimstochter (mosaic effect added)
They are classified as reptiles, but do not have some reptilian traits. There is speculation that they were warm-blooded. One scholar said they have a mosaic of features.

Because of an abundance of fossils (some are well preserved), scientists can see that they were extremely varied in size and certain shapes. Many things about pterosaurs remain unknown so far, but it has been determined that they were extremely good in the flying department. Their design for that was unique.

Because of their presuppositions, evolutionists are determined to find a common ancestor for pterosaurs. Some of their guesses are completely without merit and...truly bizarre The fossil record does not support any evolutionary claim. This is because like everything else, they were created to be what they are and not changelings from something else.

There have been speculations that pterosaurs may exist today, and that is not surprising because there have also been reports of dinosaur sightings in modern times. With both dinosaurs and pterosaurs, there are fakers, but some accounts seem plausible. There is no hard evidence that they live today.

According to biblical creation science, pterosaur kinds as well as dinosaurs would have been taken aboard Noah's Ark. We have examined several compelling post-Flood dinosaur sightings, but I am unaware of any related to flying reptiles. Even so, perhaps some of the smaller one are still living.

Pterosaurs (‘winged lizards’) are some of the strangest animals God ever created. They are classified as reptiles, but looked more like birds. They had beaks—some of the weirdest-looking in the animal kingdom. Like other reptiles, many had sharp-pointed teeth and comparatively long tails. Unlike most reptiles, however, many believe they were warm-blooded, a feature shared with birds and mammals. And the epidermal scales characteristic of reptiles have never been found in a pterosaur specimen.

However, since reptiles are nowadays defined to include all vertebrates with an amniotic egg other than birds and synapsids (mammals and extinct mammal-like creatures), pterosaurs qualify as reptiles by this definition.

To learn much more than you have just read, click on this excessively long article title: "Pterosaurs." The video below is kind of fun and includes a segment on an alleged pterosaur video — just ignore the "millions of years" stuff. People don't even question that assumption anymore.