Science is Scrooged by Evolutionism

That beloved story by Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol, is superficially a story about the conversion of Ebenezer Scrooge from selfishness to kindness and altruism. According to fundamental evolutionism, Darwin intended his theory to be selfish and purposeless in its operation.

Because evolution is made of squishy pliable stuff, Darwin's disciples appeal to teleology and design (using Natural Selection and Evolution as entities) and get away with it. This Scrooge of science cannot account for altruism in birds or in animals. Not just niceness out of convenience, but taking risks as well. If you study on it, evolution cannot account for altruism in humans, either.

Darwin and his fundamentalist disciples want evolution to be selfish and purposeless. Scrooge was selfish, but he was redeemed at Christmas.
Scrooge looking at his dressing gown, A Christmas Carol illustration by Arthur Rackham, 1915
Secularists try to evosplain kindness and altruism as something that animals do so they can have better "fitness" and increase their survivability, so animal behavior is a virtue. (Except when it's not. They're flexible that way, remember.) Bacteria can be altruistic, but it is selfish in the long run. The same with humans. Uh...sure.

We don't need no stinking evidence! Just what "scientists say."

In a twist that is twisted, someone decided to analyze a character written by Charles Dickens in A Christmas Carol that took six weeks to write. He kind of cranked it out because he needed money. Scrooge was "neurodivergent", similar to autism. All those other people who wished him a happy Christmas and wanted him to be less selfish were the real villains! Apparently the fact that Dickens wrote his stories to be Christian parables, and the redemption of Ebenezer Scrooge involved believing in the Jesus of Christmas, attending church, and so on was neglected.

I cannot speak for you, obviously, but I believe in Jesus Christ, our Creator and the Second Person of the Trinity, who took human form. Many of us celebrate this at Christmas. Ultimately, we celebrate his Crucifixion and Resurrection. Those of us in Christ are adopted as children of God, and we have our own resurrection and salvation. Jesus is the ultimate act of altruism — and he didn't do it out of any kind of selfishness, old son. Perhaps that is another reason evolutionism and the Bible are incompatible.

There are two ways that Darwinism destroys virtue: by teaching that

  • Human beings are mere animals, and
  • Anything a human being does that seems good is really selfish.

. . . 

In extreme Darwinism, it’s the genes that are selfish. Darwinism thus reduces all organisms, even humans, to pawns in an evolutionary game, marionettes in a mindless puppet show.

Read it all, learn, be amazed at "Darwinism Is the Scrooge of Science."