Deception in Eye Evolution Story

The Bearded Buddha admitted that the gradual evolution of the eye seemed absurd. Presupposing his conjectures and refusing to consider any other explanation for the origin of the eye, he believed by blind faith that evidence supporting his ideas would be found.

Disciples of Darwin have been trying to meet his challenge for years. There are sidewinders who simply avoid the challenge by saying that the human eye was poorly designed, but such a religious claim is based on opinion, not science.

Cat eyes, Pixabay / Christel Sagniez
It is not just the human eye, though. There have to be gradual stages of development and organisms had to benefit each step of the way. National Geographic attempted to support Charlie in 2016, but that effort was shot down by Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell. A more recent contender arose in something called Visual Capitalist, but this deceptive Just-So Story also fails.

Indeed, there is dissent in the ranks about not only the evolution of the eye, but how particles-to-preacher evolution happened. But they do presuppose that there is no Creator involved and that evolution happened. Somehow.
Evolutionists attempt to establish roadmaps of the evolution of various lifeforms or certain aspects of them. The eye is no exception. Indeed, the famous quote of Darwin regarding the apparent absurdity that such a complex organ could arise by natural selection seems to challenge both evolutionists and creationists to make their case regarding the origins of the eye.

. . . 
Darwin goes on to specify the details of the challenge: if only there were an evidential roadmap leading from simple and imperfect eyes to complex and perfect ones—with each gradation being useful to its possessor—then, surely, the so-called theory of evolution will have been validated.

You can read it all at "Darwin’s Challenge: The Origins of the Eye."