Another Cambrian Fossil Frustrates Evolutionists

The Cambrian explosion has been a persistent problem for evolution since the time that Darwin roamed the earth. A passel of fossils are found from major phyla in the Cambrian, but no sign of transitional forms. Darwin's acolytes try to evosplain it away, but the problem remains insurmountable.

Fossils of some tube-like thingies were previously found that were the subject of speculation. Finally, paleontologists have an idea of what the builders looked like. They got more than they bargained for.

Gangtoucunia life restoration, WikiComm / Guangxu Zhang, Luke A. Parry, Jakob Vinther and Xiaoya Ma (CC BY 4.0)
As we have seen several times before, so it happens again: When faced with evidence that doesn't fit their schemes, evolutionists ballyhoo a sort of victory or evolutionary insight. Their knowledge of evolution has advanced.

No, it hasn't, Hoss.

Fossilized, well-preserved soft tissues were discovered. Also, the Cambrian explosion is strong evidence for the global Genesis Flood. This discovery is a problem for evolutionists, but fits biblical creation science Flood models.

Paleontologists have discovered “early fossils [of] simple hollow tubes ranging from a few millimetres to many centimetres in length.” Furthermore, they have unearthed the animals that inhabited these tubes (made of calcium phosphate) that were formerly unoccupied. The fossilized creatures appear in a very un-Darwinian fashion, being suddenly and completely formed. Furthermore, the evidence shows they were buried catastrophically.

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