Social Darwinism and Nazi Race Hygiene

Under totalitarian regimes, the best way to succeed in business and academia was to join the ruling party. There were members of the Communist Party who gave it lip service but their hearts were not really in it. In a similar way, joining the Nazi Party also gave freedom of movement.

However, being a member of the party was also a way for advancement and to pursue ambitions. There were many German people who wanted to please der F├╝hrer, and Nazi membership had its perks. War crimes were performed by Party doctors and nurses.

It is a fact that social Darwinism and eugenics heavily influenced the Nazis. New research shows that war crimes were committed by doctors and nurses.
Auschwitz gateway sign, Pixabay / Krzysztof Pluta
The Lancet is a respected medical organization that oversteps its bounds by writing screeds about global warming. In this case, they did serious research and issued a report on Darwinism and Nazi war crimes.

One may think that for medical personnel to perform horrendous experiments and oversee the murders of millions of people, they had to be forced. No, they did those things enthusiastically. Eugenics (where those deemed unfit to breed were sterilized or eliminated outright) are based on social Darwinism and Racism. These were a big part of Nazi "race hygiene." This is in opposition to the biblical teaching that there are no races.
The most extensive review of the central role that health professionals (primarily doctors and nurses) played in the Nazi crimes has just been published this month, on November 8,  2023.  The 73-page study written by 20 international experts was supported by 878 scholarly references. It was added to the many other studies completed by scholars, including American psychiatrist and Harvard associate Robert Lifton.

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