Gender Confusion and Regret

Before the chaos of today, young people would eventually grow comfortable in the sexes they were born with. There was therapy for them if needed. Not all that long ago, people were not demanding to have so-called gender reassignment surgery and to be called by pronouns of their choosing.

Worse, children are being given puberty blockers which adversely affect their health. Medical professionals are causing harm and making big money doing it. Transsexuals are having regrets over their devastating life-changing choices.

Daylily, Pixnio / Bicanski
Rebellion against God's design for marriage and authority have been increasing for the past few years, and there is a great deal of pride and selfishness involved. At the beginning of creation, marriage was to be one man and one woman. Marriage has been redefined by courts and legislation by uppity humans.

Also, it is impossible to actually change genders. Hormones, laws, surgeries — but the reality of the sex one was born with persists all the way down to the DNA. Those medical forms we fill out ask for male or female for good reasons. One of those is that each of the two genders sometimes respond differently to medications.
All this has changed with the movement to not only accept, but to glorify and support—by law—the current distorted “transgender” fad. On the internet are websites glamorizing young girls who were very unhappy with their lives, who then transitioned and now claim to be happier than they ever have been. Part of this movement uses terminology that emanates a happy glow, or at least less-offensive expressions, such as ‘gender-affirming surgery’ instead of mutation of the body, which is what so-called gender-affirming care is. The gender-affirming care industry is enormously profitable and supported by the politically left and the “if it feels good, it is good” movement.

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